New Orleans with Enfold

Enfold Systems, LLC. would like offer to host 3rd Plone Conference in New Orleans, LA. Beginning to mid October. Would be 3 days. 2 tracks. We believe it will cost about 350-500 USD for the conference. It would be *on the cheap*. Coffee + Snacks provided. We would be close to break for food; I believe it would cost much more if we catered. Catering lets be liberal and say 100$ extra per person. Expected 250 people. - Spend five thousand dollars on Conference announcement in IT/CMS Journals through advertising - T Shirt Design - Conference Proceedings - 2 tracks - 1 track focused on "hands on" tutorials - 1 track "presentations" (typical lectures: successes, integrations, etc) Night activities - a friend of mines jazz band (very good) at a cafe - evening at Maple Leaf (place we had last time with more kegs of beer) - possible a meetup after the conference at hookah cafe. All activities within walking distance to conference event or downtown along the streetcar line