Public Transportations in Vienna are really cheap if you buy a week ticket. Read on below

The best way to get to/from the conference is the streetcar, subway or a bus. If your impatient or stay out too late (Streetcars stop running at 1AM) you can fetch a Taxi or take a night bus which is present all the night and goes every 30 mins. Streetcar, Subway, Bus General fare for a one way transportation within the city is €1.50, if you buy the ticket in advance or €2.00 if you buy it in the streetcar or bus. You can't buy tickets in the subway directly but at every station. But the cheapest thing is to buy a week ticket which costs €12. That's the price for 8 single rides. You just buy it and use all available public transportations for free as long as you don't cross the city borders with them for 7 days. Taxi Cab fare from the airport to area hotels or Tulane's Campus is $24 each way for up to two people and $10 per person 3 to 5 poeple. Local fares are $2 for the drop charge and $1.20 per mile. Each additional person in $1.00. - United Cab - (504) 522-9771 - Yellow Cab - (504) 525-3311 Rent-a-Car There are rent-a-car offices at the airport. Local and national numbers: - Budget Rent-A-Car: - 800-527-0700 - 504-467-2277 - Enterprise: - 800-325-8007 - 504-522-7900 - Hertz: - 800-654-3131 - 504-468-3695