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Monday (September 20th, 2004) The state of Plone, Opening Speaker: *Alan Runyan* *Alexander Limi, Plone Founders* Duration: *0:45* *hours* Alan and Alex will give a brief overview about the current state of Plone, and introduce the conference. Epson Intranet based on Zope Case Study Speaker: *Munwar Shariff, CTO of CIGNEX Technologies* Duration: *0:45* *hours* A Case Study - Epson Electronics America LIVE DEMO to explain how Epson Electronics America save millions of dollars by implementing its web initiatives using Zope. Some of the features which will be demonstrated are: - Product Catalog - Parametric Search - Lead Management System - Document Management System - Contacts Management System - Extranet for Sales Reps and Distributors Surveys Management Email Campaign - Management Literature Request Management Bibliotheka Herziana Case Study Speaker: *Bernd Kulawik Max Planck Institute* Duration: *0:45* *hours* Description follows Plone in Mission Critical Environments Speaker: *Peter Roesch* Duration: *0:45* *hours* Description follows Building Large Scale CMS for Companies Speaker: *Andreas Jung* Duration: *0:45* *hours* Description follows Designing Your Website Application Architecture for Plone/Zope Speaker: *Paul Boos, Sr. Systems Engineer/Project Lead of SAIC* Duration: *0:45* *hours* This will address mostly architectural and methodology items. The logical portions of these are independent (as you would expect) to whether the Plone/Zope combination is the implementation means, but it will address considerations when you move this architecture over to such an implementation. XPI - Using Plone for the Management Speaker: *Martin Samek, Economic University Krems* Duration: *0:45* *hours* Getting Company Information for the Management. This is possible with the Plone based survey product XPI. It is usable at big companies as well as doing evluations in Universities. This Talk/Case Study will show up the advantages and savings which are apossible bye using Plone in such a process. Case Study of using Plone for a really huge NGO (not committed) Speaker: *Paul Everitt, Zope Co-Founder* Duration: *0:45* *hours* to be described Tuesday (September 21th, 2004) To be defined by Alan an Tres Speaker: *Tres Seaver, Zope Corp. Daddy of CMF* Duration: *0:45* *hours* to be described Teamspaces Speaker: *Rob Miller* Duration: *0:45* *hours* to be described MySite Speaker: *Raphael Ritz, Berlin Computational Neuroscience Community* Duration: *0:45* *hours* MySite provides an introduction to product development for Plone for site managers that feel the need to turn into file-system based product development but have no clue where to start. It is assumed, however, that you know what the Zope Management Interface (ZMI) is and how to access it as well as how to install products for Zope/Plone in general. Some basic Python knowledge is definitively a plus but the tutorial should be helpful even without tha Flash interaction Speaker: *Jodok Batlogg, Telesis* Duration: *0:45* *hours* bring dynamic Plone COntent dynamically into Flash PloneCampus Speaker: *Franchesco, Reflab* Duration: *0:45* *hours* A complete University Management Tool FormController Speaker: *Geoff Davis, Plone Team* Duration: *0:45* *hours* This talk will cover the what, why, and how of CMFFormController, Plone's framework for managing form behaviors. I will walk participants through several examples. Plone Testing Speaker: *Stephan Holek, independant* Duration: *0:45* *hours* Stephan introduced the 'State of the Art' Unit Testing into the Plone Community. Learn in this talk how to test your code in the right way. Testing Code is a thing which is mostly underestimated, so don't miss this. Wednesday (September 22th, 2004) Document Management and Quality Control System (OpenFlow based) Speaker: *Vincenzo di Somma, Reflab* Duration: *0:45* *hours* to be described To be defined by Alan an Tres Speaker: *Tres Seaver, Zope Corp. Daddy of CMF* Duration: *0:45* *hours* to be described Publish Content by Using any Office Product in Plone Speaker: *Phil Auersperg, Plone Team, BlueDynamics* Duration: *0:45* *hours* The 2-way Office convertion server for Plone PloneMall the complete and NG shopping system for Plone portals Speaker: *Jens Klein and Xiri Fabiono dos Weimar Santos* Duration: *0:45* *hours* to be described ArchGenXML Speaker: *Phil Auersperg, Plone Team, BlueDynamics* Duration: *0:45* *hours* Plone Apps at your fingertipps. Learn how to create working Plone Products without typing any line of code. Generate them out directly of UML DIagrams and ensure also to have clear documentation and and architecture. Phil Plonedesktop Speaker: *Alan Runyan, Plone Founder, Enfold Systems* Duration: *0:45* *hours* Presentation of the absolutly State of the Art Content Management. Learn how Plone integrates fully into Windows Desktop and rock with workflows, properties and content without using your Web Browser.