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09:00-09:40 **State of Plone** *Alan Runyan and Alexander Limi* Opening keynote talk on the State of Plone and it's past and present from one of its founders.
09:45-10:25 **Epson Intranet based on Zope Case Study** *Munwar Shariff, CTO of CIGNEX Technologies* LIVE DEMO to explain how Epson Electronics America save millions of dollars by implementing its web initiatives using Zope. Some of the features which will be demonstrated are: - Product Catalog - Parametric Search - Lead Management System - Document Management System - Contacts Management System - Extranet for Sales Reps and Distributors Surveys Management Email Campaign - Management Literature Request Management
10:25-10:40 ** BREAK**
10:40-11:20 **eduplone - managing educational content** *Jodok Batlogg, Georg Pleger* - the eduplone consortium - educational technology standardization: what and why - example applications - eduplone roadmap
11:25-12:05 **Building Large Scale CMS for Companies** *Andreas Jung* HaufeCMS is a CMS currently being build for Haufe Mediengruppe (a publisher in Germany). It is a large-scale mission-critical CMS that will be replace a commcerial CMS solution. The focus of the CMS is to handle a large number of SGML and XML documents used for the production of print, CD/DVD and electronic products. The talk will show how to build such a large system and how to deal with large amounts of data in the ZODB.
12:05-13:05 **Lunch**
13:05-13:45 **XPI - Surveys and Evaluations in Plone** *Martin Samek, IMC University of Krems* Getting Company Information for the Management. This is possible with the Plone based survey product XPI. It is usable at big companies as well as doing evluations in Universities. This Talk/Case Study will show up the advantages and savings which are apossible bye using Plone in such a process.
13:50-14:30 **Designing Your Website Application Architecture for Plone/Zope** *Paul Boos, Sr. Systems Engineer/Project Lead of SAIC* Designing a successful web application requires a firm understanding not only of the requirements the application must meet, but also a contextual understanding of the business to which it is being placed. This allows for the proper balance of immediate needs and future enhancements by ensuring sound architectural considerations were made for an evolutionary development path. This talk will focus on how one can approach capturing actionable business processes, information architecture, and technical infrastructure and included these into the design of an application; there will be some mention of Plone, CMF, and/or Zope products that can help, but the primary focus is ensuring those that are producing applications have a solid foundation for successful, long-term solutions.
14:30-14:45 **Snack**
14:45-15:25 **Case Study: ZOPE/PLONE AT BRAZILIAN GOVERNMENT ** *Giuseppe Romagnoli and Eliane Silva, SERPIO* Serpro is the most prominent IT solution provider for the Brazilian Government. They are responsible for all IT services within the Ministry of Finance and key information systems for the federal government. SERPRO is now using Zope and Plone as their primary portal construction tool for Government Web Content Management Solutions. In this Case Study, they intend to show how they jumped over the hurdles of adopting free software technology in Brazilian government and how ZOPE and PLONE RAD features are improving portal development. They are going to present their experience with the RFP process of selecting a portal software solution and why we had choosen ZOPE/PLONE platform instead of proprietaries technologies. This presentation will also include some important examples of portal ZOPE/PLONE implementations in Brazilian government.
15:30-16:10 **Plone for Government** *Andy Stein, City of Newport News, Virginia* Two essential applications of Plone: as a repository of software for local and state government and a generalized and reusable Citizen Portal Engine. The Repository is available at for state and local government in US to share and collaborate on software applications. The reusable Engine is being development by a consortium of government agencies and the University of Virginia.
16:10-16:25 **Break**
16:25-17:05 **Business of Plone** *Paul Everitt, Zope Co-Founder* to be described


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09:00-09:40 **Don't Fight the Framework: Best Practices for CMF / Plone Development** *Tres Seaver, Zope Corp., Creator of CMF* While Plone makes setting up a default site easy, customizing the site without sufficient knowledge of the underlying CMF / Plone framework can be frustrating, and can lead to sub-optimal results (poor performance, messy / unmaintainable code and templates, etc.) This talk highlights how the framework expects to be customized, and points to patterns for avoiding such outcomes.
09:45-10:25 **From CMF to Zope 3: Lessons Learned, Future Directions** *Tres Seaver, Zope Corp., Creator of CMF* Many of the architectural and design patterns first worked out in the Zope Content Management Framework have been incorporated into the Zope 3 component architecture. This talk highlights the lessons learned from this migration, and offers pointers for designing and building Plone / CMF applications to ease forward migration into Zope 3.
10:25-10:40 ** BREAK**
10:40-11:20 **Collaboration Management with Archetypes** *Rob Miller, Burning Man Project* Plone and Archetypes provide a rich set of tools for the management of web content. CMFMember makes use of this toolkit to solve problems related to member and member data management. This talk introduces TeamSpaces, an extension to CMFMember that applies the Archetypes toolkit further still to the management of teams, team memberships, and any desired set of team- or team member-related data. Additionally, this talk will demonstrate how CMFMember, TeamSpaces, and other Archetypes-based tools can be combined to create a self-contained, easy to install organization management and collaboration tool. This will include a brief case study of the latest release of the Black Rock City Extranet, a TeamSpaces-based groupware tool used to support the ongoing operations of the "Burning Man Project": .
11:25-12:05 **Versioning and Staging in Plone** *Kapil Thangavelu* When building complex cms sites, a critical component is often the ability to version and stage content. This talk will focus on OccamsStaging, a new software stack for the plone community. OccamsStaging is a revolutionary approach to the problem domain based on storing an entire site within a version repository and reconstructing the site on the fly, as well as autoversioning content. This talk will go into depth about Occams architecture and how to set it up, common use cases and scenarios for staging, as well as comparing Occams to the other software stacks for versioning and staging available for the Plone/CMF platform.
12:05-13:05 **Lunch**
13:05-13:45 **Notifications in Plone** *Kapil Thangavelu* An architectural examination of using EventChannel, CMFCoreEvents, and CMFNotifications in a Plone site for user subscribeable notifications, to allow users to subscribe in generic fashion to events in a portal, with user defined periods for delivery, and flexible delivery mechanisms.
13:50-14:30 **Using CPS components from CMF/Plone** *Julien Anguenot, NUXEO* - CPS components based on CMF thus easy to plug in CMF/Plone - Architecture differences and things to take care of (i18n, main_template, proxies...) - Presentation of CPS4CMFPlone package including for the moment CPSSchemas/CPSDocument/CPSInstaller + dependencies. - What's next ? (proxies / repositories / eventservice... ?) - Open to contributions and discussions to see how to join force.
14:30-14:45 **Snack**
14:45-15:25 **GRUF : Internals of user authentication in Plone** *Pierre-Julien GRIZEL, INGENIWEB* Discover internals of GroupUserFolder, the user component inside Plone. Learn how it works internally, how groups appeared into Zope, how to add several authentication sources, how to handle LDAP directories, etc.
15:30-16:10 **MySite** *Raphael Ritz, Humboldt University Berlin* MySite provides an introduction to product development for Plone for site managers that feel the need to turn into file-system based product development but have no clue where to start. It is assumed, however, that you know what the Zope Management Interface (ZMI) is and how to access it as well as how to install products for Zope/Plone in general. Some basic Python knowledge is definitively a plus but the tutorial should be helpful even without tha
16:10-16:25 **Break**
16:25-17:05 **Digital Publishing Tool - Flash CMS based on Plone** *Jodok Batlogg, Telesis* Digital Publishing Tool is a innovative Content Management Solution, which combines the rich features of the powerful back-end Plone with a possibilities of Flash as (authoring) frontend. DPT combines WYSIGWYG editing, Drag and Drop, XML and XUL, Plone and Archetypes to rich media portals. In this talk we'll show the open source backend and a sample client application.


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09:00-09:40 **Presentation of PloneCampus, a open source Plone verticalization for Universities** *Franchesco Ciriaci, Reflab* PloneCampus is a project aiming to realize a web application for didactics management, a collaborative environment for teachers and students and the automation of administrative procedures for Universities. [PloneCampus is an open source project by the University of Bari and Reflab.]
09:45-10:25 **FormController** *Geoff Davis, Plone Team* This talk will cover the what, why, and how of CMFFormController, Plone's framework for managing form behaviors. I will walk participants through several examples.
10:25-10:40 ** BREAK**
10:40-11:20 **Efficently Serving Static Content Using Zope** *Chris Mc Donough* Zope naturally excels at serving dynamic content, but isn't as effective at serving static content as other web platforms. The talk explores possibilities for making Zope more effective at serving static content.
11:25-12:05 **CompositePack, composing archetypes content.** *Godefroid Chapelle* Based on Shane Hattaway's CompositePage, CompositePack is a product that allows the Plone Manager to build composite pages by manually aggregating archetype content from his site. A composite page has a layout which defines its structure. Composition of content is made through the design view. Composite elements are displayed through viewlets. Both layouts and viewlets are acquired from the skin, which implies they are customizable. Layouts and viewlets are registered through the composite_tool in ZMI The design will be explained. Customizing CompositePack by building and registering layouts and viewlets will be explained and demoed.
12:05-13:05 **Lunch**
13:05-13:45 **Web Quality Certification Management with Plone** *Vincenzo di Somma, Reflab* The focus of the talk is on how to leverage Plone, Archetypes and workflows to build a custom intranet application that manages Quality documentation, Project documentation, formal knowledge and part of customer relations.
13:50-14:30 **Publish Content by Using any Office Product in Plone** *Phil Auersperg, Plone Team, BlueDynamics* The 2-way Office convertion server for Plone
14:30-14:45 **Snack**
14:45-15:25 **PloneMall the complete and NG shopping system for Plone portals** *Jens Klein and Xiru Fabiano dos Weimar Santos* to be described
15:30-16:10 **ArchGenXML** *Phil Auersperg, Plone Team, BlueDynamics* Plone Apps at your fingertipps. Learn how to create working Plone Products without typing any line of code. Generate them out directly of UML DIagrams and ensure also to have clear documentation and and architecture.
16:10-16:25 **Break**
16:25-17:05 **Plonedesktop** *Alan Runyan, Plone Founder, Enfold Systems* Presentation of the absolutly State of the Art Content Management. Learn how Plone integrates fully into Windows Desktop and rock with workflows, properties and content without using your Web Browser.