Here you find an alphabetically list of all speakers and tutorial holders.

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Alan Runyan Alan Runyan is one of the founders of Plone and President of the Plone Foundation. Based out of Montrose in Houston, TX. Alan is continually fighting the swirling evil that emanates from Houston. After working for submerging.com, he gave up on corporate life and started his own company working with Zope. When Plone and clients are not soaking up his time you can find him making pilgrimages to the Rothko Chapel and the Menil Collection. He is a principal in the commercial Plone training/product company, Enfold Systems, LLC.
Alexander Limi Alex Limi is one of the Plone Founders and Vice President of the Plone Foundation. Alexander Limi combines the kind of good looks, intelligence, sensitivity, and raw animal magnetism that only come from writing his own biography. He works as an interaction architect and interface designer for Plone Solutions in cool Scandinavia. Limi is the all-hands person in the project, and is responsible for keeping the user experience and visual layout consistent and easy to use - as well as herding the cats known as the Plone community.
Andreas Jung Andreas Jung helds a master degree in computer science and is currently working as freelancer and consultant. He has been working for Zope Corporation and several publishers in Germany. His major working area is Electronic Publishing where he partiticpated in multiple large projects for the European Community. Andreas is a Zope 2 core developer and the current Zope 2 release manager
Andy McKay Andy is a Principal of the windows-centric Plone software firm, Enfold Systems, LLC. which is focused on richer integration of Windows components with Plone. Andy also runs ZopeZen and maintains the Plone Windows installer as well as serving as Plone's release manager. He currently released the Book **The Definitive Guide to Plone**
Andy Stein Andy Stein is Director of IT for the City of Newport News and active member in GOCC and CORE (www.core.gov), two software repositories with similar goals but different funding sources. Andy?s objective is to establish a collaborative software development process for local governments based on an Open Source model.
Benjamin Saller Develops Archetypes and other Collective projects while working at ObjectRealms part of their ongoing commitment to Open Source Software.
Chris Mc Donough Chris McDonough is an independent consultant in the US who has been involved with Zope for five years. He contributes to and hosts the latest online revision of the Zope Book at http://www.plope.com. He is a contributor to the Zope core codebase. Chris may be contacted at chrism at plope.com
Eliane Silva Eliane Silva works at SERPRO, the biggest IT solution provider for the Brazilian Government. We work for many ministries of the Brazilian Government, including the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning and Civil Cabinet of the Republic Presidency.
Franchesco Ciriaci TBD
Geir Baekholt Geir is one of the founding partners of Plone Solutions AS, an international company specialising in high-quality Plone consulting, training and development. Geir is part of the core Plone development team. He also writes and maintains Plone's usability enhancing client-side scripts.
Geoff Davis Geoff comes to us from the clutches of Microsoft, and holds a Ph.D in Adaptive Nonlinear Approximations. He climbs mountains, he parties, he writes Python.
Georg Gogo Bernhard to be described
Georg Pleger TBD
Giuseppe Romagnoli Giuseppe Romagnoli works at SERPRO, the biggest IT solution provider for the Brazilian Government. We work for many ministries of the Brazilian Government, including the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Planning and Civil Cabinet of the Republic Presidency.
Godefroid Chapelle TBD
Helge Tesdal Helge works with Plone Solutions in Norway, and is a Plone core developer.
Jens Klein tbd
Jim Fulton Jim Fulton is the CTO at Zope Corporation and the chief architect of Zope and the Zope object database. He has been a Python contributor since 1995.
Jodok Batlogg Jodok Batlogg and Telesis GmbH started working on Plone in 2002. Beneath doing payed client work :) he is co-leading the Plone I18N activities and developer in the Gentoo net-zope herd. Jodok Batlogg is involved several other Open Source activities.
Joel Burton Joel Burton is an independent Zope and Plone developer working out of Washington, DC. He leads Plone development for Porter Novelli, writes for and helps organize the Plone Documentation effort, has authored several products in the collective, and is an active member of #plone. Joel has presented at the first Plone Conference, the O'Reilly Open Source Convention, several Python conferences, and has spoken at Zope/Python user groups in the US, Europe, and India.
Julien Anguenot TBD
Kapil Thangavelu Kapil Thangavelu is an enterprise architect with a penchant for python as a solutions and integration language. He's been working with zope for 5 years while working on projects ranging from GIS systems for DARPA to collaboration software for Burning Man. He is currently a partner at ObjectRealms, which focuses on developing infrastructure components to help enable opensource software to work in enterprise environments.
Martijn Faasen Martijn Faassen has been programming in Python since 1998, and has been working with Zope since it was first open sourced at the end of that same year. A well-known Zope product he wrote was Formulator, a system for making the creation and validation of web forms more easy. Another focus has been the development of XML facilities in Python and Zope. In 2001, he co-founded Infrae, a Python and Zope development company in the Netherlands with a specialization in managing content. Infrae's flagship product is Silva, an open source content maangement system for Zope with a focus on structured, reusable content. He has also been involved in the organization of the EuroPython conference. Martijn has been helping with the development of Zope 3 from early on in the project. His most recent activity has been the start of integration of Zope 3 technologies within Zope 2, in the form of the Five product for Zope 2.
Martin Samek Martin Samek, works at the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems where he is the Coordinator for Lectures Evaluation and on Research on MIS for educational institutions
Munwar Shariff TBD
Paul Everitt TBD
Phil Auersperg TBD
Pierre-Julien GRIZEL TBD
Raphael Ritz Raphael Ritz (PhD in Theoretical Physics from the Technical University Munich in 1995) works at the Institute for Theoretical Biology at the Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany. Being a German delegate to the OECD working group on Neuroinformatics, he performs a pilot study on web-based data and method sharing using Zope/CMF/Plone as the underlying framework. He is the main author and maintainer of CMFBibliographyAT, a tool for handing references to publications in Plone, ATExtensions, and the MySite tutorial.
Riaan Booysen Riaan Booysen is the creator and lead programmer of Boa Constructor one of the leading OpenSource Python IDE's. Riaan is employeed at TBS in Pretoria, South Africa.
Rob Miller Rob Miller is currently serving as the Technology Department lead for the Burning Man Project, an art and civics experiment which has gone absolutely awry, resulting in the annual construction of a temporary city of over 30,000 participants on one of the flattest, deadest pieces of land in North America.
Robert Boulanger TBD
Sidnei de Silva Sidnei is in his 3rd year of BS in Science Computing on Universidade de Caxias do Sul. Mac Fanatic, Hendrix Fanatic. Sidnei can often be found hacking Python code on his Mac running Debian. Sidnei is a Lead Programmer at Enfold Systems, LLC. where he primarily leads the backend for Plone Desktop.
Stefan Holek Stefan H. Holek is the author of ZopeTestCase and PloneTestCase. He has been active in the Zope community since 2000 and specializes in issues surrounding quality assurance and unit testing. Stefan has recently joined Plone Solutions AS, where he hopes to help with pushing Plone forward.
Tres Seaver Tres Seaver fro Zope Corporation is the crator of CMF, the Content Management Framework for Zope. Plone and lot's of other CMS Sytems are based on this Architecture.
Vincenzo di Somma tbd
Xiru Fabiano dos Weimar Santos to be described