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Trip to Praha (Prague) I would like to goto Praha after/before conference; anyone want to head over there? - runyaga I might be game for Praha after conference. I arrive Wien Sept 19 and depart Wien early Sept 26, unless something changes that pretty quickly (like, open jaw return from Praha) before i purchase the ticket. - cbc I'll be going to Prague, too -- we're staying in a pension in Prague for about 4 or 5 days after Vienna, if anyone wants to meet up there and explore the city. - joelburton Me, Fabiano (xiru) and my wife are coming to Praha on the 23/24 and then to Dresden and Berlin on 25/26/27 - dreamcatcher Berlin - Wien (and back) I'm searching for people from berlin for getting to wien on the 19th and back again on the 23rd. I don't have a car and no driving license. But I'm a professional passenger ;-) - tugelblend Train from Dornbirn/Vorarlberg If you attend the

Mountain Sprint

we organise a night-train from Vorarlberg to Vienna By car or by bus from Trieste or North-East Italy I'm searching for people from Trieste or from any part of North-East Italy interested to go to Wien by car or, if we are enough, by bus. Departure from Trieste on the 19th and back on the 23th. Consensus on accommodations? Any thoughts on what accommodations are close/closest to the Volksgarten? Any favorites? Where are you staying? -cbc I just booked a few nights here

Pension Quisisana

- 36 Euro/night, for a single w/ a shower (no wc) in the room. - jonah Youth Hostels Anyone from Vienna know if

these hostels

are anywhere near the Volksgarten? Price per person for a room with 2 beds is 15.5 Euro/night incl. breakfast. Broken link Arpi Hotel The link on to the

arpi hotel

doesn't work. It's in the middle of town it's not that expensive and it looks fine. This link is ok. Wien Interactive Map Having trouble finding the Volksgarten? Or whether that hostel or hotel may be close to Burgring 1? Try the Wien municipal interactive GIS map. It's slow. It times out a lot. The interface is kind of clumsy. But it will eventually get you there. -cbc

English interactive map of ViennaDeutsches wechselwirkendes Diagramm von Wien

Wien Interactive Hotel Map About a billion times better than the municipal map, the interface to Map24 is fast, sleek, and shows all the hotels closest to the Volksgarten. Requires Java. -cbc

Interactive hotel map of Vienna

Seasonal Hotel Atlas We got this hotel on seems to be close to volkstheater and volksgarten. Any comments on this hotel ?