Requested Talks

I would like someone to demonstrate how to access material in a relational database and present the results elegantly in Plone.We have a lot of content in Access databases and it would make sense to be able to link across to these databases rather than move that material into ZOBD, since these are owned by other people. John Knight From ewild Thu Sep 9 16:24:20 -0500 2004 From: ewild Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2004 16:24:20 -0500 Subject: discuss plone and zope from a usersperspective Message-ID: <> I am trying to be a serious user and promotor of plone as a flexible and scalable cms with a wide range of functionalities but I'm not a coder or a technical guy. I would like to have a discussion/talk about the problems a non-coder/technician can face when setting up and using a plone server like insufficient permissions, not recognized/installable products, changing context, locked sites etc. I think there are a lot of easy solutions for this kind of problems but it's hard to find them in the newsgroups and the plone channel is mostly coded and technical oriented. Erik de Wild Tripple-o From fvandijk Tue Sep 14 17:51:23 -0500 2004 From: fvandijk Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 17:51:23 -0500 Subject: discuss plone and zope from a usersperspective Message-ID: <> In-reply-to: <> To supplement your comments: many of the additional products are 'moving targets' and continually in development until abandonned. Quite some products have similar purposes but are developped for a specific Plone-version. Which is very logical since most people that are able to develop extra Products are Plone wizards or at least apprentices and can fix problems or adapt the Products when issues arise. I have been thinking about writing 2 or 3 'usecases' where first a description is given of what a PloneSite


in this usecase should offer and then looking up and describing the installation of the extra Products that are available and support the requirements. Something like 'a community site for a choir', 'an intranet for a small web development company' or 'a local shop for musical instruments'.