Here you may find a place to sleep

There are hundreds of Hotels in Vienna. To make a list here makes really no sense. But there are some good Internet booking services which are listed below. List of Youth Hostels - Jugendgästehaus Wien - Brigittenau - about 20 minutes with public transportation - "Homepage": - "Online booking request": - Jugendherberge Wien-Myrthengasse - about 15 minutes footwalk, 5 mins public transportation - "Homepage": - "Online booking request": List of Hotels - "Best Western, Hotel Reither": - "Hotel Haus Technik": from 39 Euro's on - "Hotel Arpi": is also cheap and not too ar away, hurry up they have only 15 Rooms - more to follow, we are still searching List of hotel search services - "Vienna Net Hotels": english language, you can search and book online. It's also possible to get telephone assistance there. - "": in German Language, but the Link does already a search from Sunday, 19th to Tuesday 23rd. Prices here are from Euro 35,-- on per room. - "tiscover":,de,SPOT,1322/objectId,RGN108866at,waitCount,1/result.html;jsessionid=5a302817091087383192900?d=4&HOTELCOOP=0&sd_D=19&r=RGN108866at&selectedEntry=home&lm=false&objectId=RGN108866at&c0=0&modulId=guide&a0=2&sd_Y=2004∾=&on=RGN108866at&DESTLINK=search&sd_M=8&season=at1&ref=0≈=1&sr0=STPROOM&r0=1&SPECIALHOTEL=0&curr=EUR& German Language there, but the Link searches rooms for two persons between 19th and 23rd again. The prices listet there are the prices for the whole time. - "tourisline": English spoken, you can search yourself ;) - "inthotels": Also English language