Pre-Conference Training Classes

Provides information training classes to be held immediately before the Plone Conference. Please note that separate registration is required for these classes.

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We're pleased to announce that three outstanding Plone trainers -- Richard Amerman, Joel Burton and Andy McKay -- will be offering affordable, hands-on training classes the two days before Plone Conference.

These trainings are being organized independent of the conference, and are not included in your conference registration, but will be held in the same space, and are intended for conference attendees who want to extend their learning with affordable, hands-on classes.

Please register for these classes below.

Plone Content Management

Learn the fundamentals of using Plone effectively as a Content Management System. This basic course is for anyone interested in Plone, those looking for more detail on being effective and efficient with Plone from a users perspective, and for decision makers trying to understand how they might use Plone as a solution for some of their needs. For more details please see the training information page for this offering. This training is based on the 4 day Plone User Basics and Content Management Fundamentals offered by 7 Tech NW.

Instructor: Richard Amerman of 7TechNW.

Oct 23-24. $175

Skinning Plone: Tools and Techniques

Want to learn how to make your Plone site look the way you want, using best practices and best-of-breed tools? This course, derived from the most popular section of the Plone Developer Bootcamp, teaches practical Plone skinning in a hands-on, real-time environment. You'll leave with the skills you need to skin your site and maintain its appearance.

Instructor: Joel Burton of

Oct 23-24. $175

Testing and Development Practices

Get under the hood of Plone and learn the stuff that truly makes a difference. This advanced course is based on multiple trainings given at Enfold Systems. It covers how to write unit tests and perform functional testing of your Plone instance. Following with debugging and best practices in development. To paraphrase a person in #plone the other day: "Writing unit tests for my product has taught me more about Plone than writing the product".

Instructor: Andy McKay of Clearwind Consulting, Author of The Definitive Guide to Plone, and co-founder Enfold Systems

Oct 23-24. $175