All Twenty Plone Conference Videos Now Available For Download

High quality video recordings of twenty Plone Conference 2006 talks and tutorials are now available for download.

Twenty Plone Conference 2006 talks and tutorials are now available for download! The complete list of videos is at:

Thanks to our friends at Versant Media and the incredible support of Plone Conference 2006 sponsors -- not to mention 350 conference attendees -- we've been able produce high-quality, professionally edited videos that capture both the presenter and their presentations, with careful editing to make sure you don't miss anything.

The talks and tutorials cover a wide variety of Plone-related topics and are suitable for a wide range of Plone experience levels.  Among the talks most suitable for folks new to Plone include:

  • Graduating from Spaghetti to Sushi: Plone for PHPers - Sean Kelly
  • Why Plone? Confessions of a NGO - Andrew Hatton, Oxfam GB
  • The World of Plone - Paul Everitt, President, Plone Foundation
  • Plone 3.0: A Sneak Preview - Alexander Limi, Plone Co-Founder
  • 100 Hours or Less: Creating A Scope of Work for A Simple Plone Website - Patrick Shaw, NPower Seattle

Plone Conference 2006 videos are presented in H.264/MPEG4 format, which is playable in a wide variety of media players for all platforms.  (The open-source program VLC is a great choice!)