Producing high-quality documents with Plone - new approaches in exporting Plone content into office formats

Exporting Plone content into different office formats like PDF, RTF or Openoffice is a common requirement. This session presents a new generic framework to export Plone content into all common office formats. Based on XSL-FO technology, SmartPrintNG provides flexible control over all aspects of the generated document. Custom stylesheets and templates can be applied to any Plone content. The same framework can be used to generate handouts from a S5 presentation or you supports you generated invoice or just to create a high-quality PDF from the current page just as you see it on the screen. The talk will give a brief introduction into XSL-FO technology, explains the internal processing chain of SmartPrint, shows how to create custom templates and stylesheets and tells you about the integration into Plone.