Making Plone Theme: 10 Most Wanted Tips

It will be a chart of 10 small (some are not that small), but I hope useful tips for making new Plone theme. Among those might occur (the exact list might be slightly changed): 1. Center the logo 2. Makin rounded corners 3. Making dropdown shadows 4. *Under-water stones* of testing Plone theme. Places you might want to check before deployment and so on This session is supposed to cover the most wanted tips in Plone skinning process, based on questions on #plone, mailing lists and personal communications with people, making Plone themes. Target group for this session - Plone skinning beginners with basic knowledge of how Plone themes are produced and Plone skinning intermediaries. I hope this session will give people some cool ideas on how to improve their themes and work more productive in the future.