Introduction to KSS, Kinetic Style Sheets

KSS, Kinetic Style Sheets, is a framework that enables developers to create rich (AJAX) user interfaces without knowing javascript at all. KSS itself is by default included with Plone3 and is also usable with Zope3. In the future we plan to make it available for other pythonic and non-pythonic platforms as well. During the demonstration we give a step by step introduction to adding dynamic behaviour to your browser page by the KSS stylesheet and server side only python code. We also introduce the setup and debugging skills needed to add dynamicity to your application. The targeted audience for the demo are Plone developers and integrators, familiar with server side Plone scripting. A basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is also needed. As a result you will get an introduction to the usage of KSS. Knowledge of javascript is not needed for attending the demonstration.