Best. Plone. Ever! Presenting Plone 3

Plone 3, which will be released shortly before the conference, is a huge milestone in the ongoing evolution of Plone. It packs a ton of powerful new features, wrapped up in a massively overhauled user interface. It is truly the best version of Plone ever. This session will offer a fast-paced, end-user-oriented overview of Plone 3, with a focus on its big shiny new features, and how you can use them to solve real-world website problems. You'll also walk away with a much better idea of how to get the most out of the Plone Conference itself. This session will be targeted at folks who are new to Plone, including: non-technical Plone users, Plone project managers, anyone else interested in a high level overview of Plone 3. We'll have lots of time for Q&A, with Plone 3 release manager Wichert Akkerman and core developer Martin Aspeli helping to field questions.