Plone Conference 2007

The fift annual Plone Conference was held October 10-12 in Naples, Italy.

Plone Conference 2007 was organized by

Abstract Open Solutions

in the congress center of city of Science in Naples and counted 370 conference attendees. The conference was "seguito" by an amazing sprint (the biggest sprint organized until now) with more than 140 attendees.




Sala Newton

  • Plone Training: two days 8-9 october

  • Plone Conference 2007: three days 10-11-12 October

  • Plone Sprint: three further days 13-14-15 October (was held in the City of Science centre, Naples)



Presentations Online

We've now uploaded nearly all of the

conference presentations




Evaluation Results are In!

You can read a complete evaluation results from Plone Conference 2007.  The conference was very successful, Thanks to everybody for the great support given!