There are several low-cost, high-value classes offered before the conference to get you and your organization up to speed on Plone. Whether you're just learning how to use Plone, or you're an experienced integrator, there's an offering for you!


Pre-Conference Training Courses: October 8th & 9th, 2007



About the Courses and Registration
The trainings are offered by independent vendors, who set their own costs, and handle their own registration. They may have cancellation policies different than the conference in general.
For more information on these classes, or to register, please click the link for the class.


Successful Content Management with Plone

This special, 2-day class covers: a clear understanding of what Plone is and how to use it, as well as tips and practices for content management. A special focus will be paid on "lessons learned" from an experienced site builder.

Trainer: Darci Hanning. Darci is the primary organizer of Plinkit, a Plone-based project that serves small public libraries with web presence. She is an experienced Plone sprinter, site builder, and community volunteer.

Cost: $200 (USD; approximately $150 Euro).

For full course information and to register, click here.


Skinning Plone

A special two-day course on customizing Plone's look and feel, focusing on current best practices and tips and tools to make the process quick and easy. Learn how web designers can build a Plone skin without having become developers. This course will cover several case studies of existing sites, and an examination of how they were built.

Trainer: Veda Williams. Veda is a CMS Project Manager and Designer at ONE/Northwest, a prominent Plone service provider focusing on environmental nonprofit organizations. Through her work with ONE/Northwest, the University of North Carolina, and as an independent, she's designed dozens of Plone themes.

Cost: $200 (USD; approximately $150 Euro)

For full course information and to register, click here.

Plone 3 Techniques

Interesting in building a site using the best practices of Plone 3? This course covers the new technologies in Plone 3 intended for site integrators: our new portlet infrastructure, viewlets, KSS, versioning, and a friendly introduction to Zope 3 component architecture. Includes a special presentation by Balazs Ree, core developer of KSS.

Trainer: Joel Burton. Joel is a long-term project volunteer and full-time Plone trainer and consultant. He has helped architect and build some of the largest and most-trafficked Plone sites in the world. He offers training for integrators and developers at

Cost: $200 (USD; approximately $150 Euro)

For full course information and to register, click here.


Zope 3 Training for Plone Developers

This training is for those already familiar with Plone and Archetypes who want to go to the next level and leverage the power of Zope 3 component architecture inside a Plone environment.

Trainer: Rocky Burt.  Rocky has worked for many years offering software consulting services to companies across North America and Europe. He has contributed to countless open source projects and has strong ties to the Plone developer community being a longtime member of the Plone core framework team.  Rocky was a technical reviewer and "Rocky says..." contributor to Philipp von Weitershausen's popular book Web Component Development with Zope 3.

Cost: $1,295 USD (approximately € 950)

For full course information and to register, click here.