Wageindicator Foundation: a Case Study

The Wageindicator Foundation deploys Plone for it's world-wide portals on wage information. Moreover, Plone serves as an application platform for most of the web based tools used to create questionnaires, salarychecks and other interactive content. The Wageindicator Foundation was started in 2000 in the Netherlands, and is now the hub of an international collaboration between universities, research institutes, trade unions and commercial parties. The goal of the foundation is to share and compare wage information, and so to contribute to a transparent labor market. The ideological stance of the foundation means that Open Source and free software is preferred. The separate sites collect over 400.000 visitors per month, served by four clusters of two machines each, hosted in the USA, India and the Netherlands. Techniques involved are HA-Clustering, load-balancing, caching, remote distribution of new releases for software.