The platform, the framework and the coach : how the right trio helps for application fast time-to-market

When a company project team has to deliver an application, with the help of a Plone consultant (or consulting company), they generally have two possible paths to follow: 1) get the Plone expert to do the job for them, and then deliver some knowledge transfer, or 2) get enough training to help them get started in the Plone world and then continue with their own in-house learning and development process. Sometimes, none of both approaches (outsourced or in-house) is adapted to the constraints and deadlines of the project. A third way of doing, somewhere in between, exists. We call it "coaching-based development", and we have been using it with great success ! I will present a real case where I worked with the project team of HEP Bejune (a Swiss Education Institution) to help them with the development of an Education e-Portfolio application. Attendees of this talk will learn how to get more productive with this way of working, lessons we learned from practicing it, and how, as an additional benefit, it can be used to strengthen our community.