Plone for Government Science -- How to get buy in from managers, security watchdogs and colleagues.

This talk will present my experiences setting up Plone for two software development groups within the US Governement's NOAA and NASA agencies. In the past, each of these groups created documentation for internal development and external 'end users' with a combination of static HTML pages and semi-automated tools such as mail archivers and task managers. The adoption of Plone by these groups has greatly increased the quantity, accuracy and usability of their documentation. Content is now easier to create, easier to find and easier to read. Getting these groups to accept Plone as a Content Management System was not always easy and required buy-in from managers, agency computer security types and colleagues. I will discuss my experiences with the following hurdles: 1) selling Plone to your boss; 2) working with the computer security watchdogs; 3) training your colleagues to use Plone consistently; and 4) becoming a plone guru in 4 hours/week. Attendees should be familiar with basic Plone configuration and will learn techniques for making Plone useful within an agency science setting.