Antipatterns, Patterns, and Rules of thumb for successful Plone projects

Plone is cool, powerful and does what it promises. But any ambitious Plone project is difficult if you don't pay attention to some prerequisites and follow some rules, both general and specific to the Plone world. This presentation hopes to help people involved in Plone projects to stop worrying and experience bad or unproductive communication we see sometimes, and adopt a new mantra : "Let's deliver that project and move on to the next one !" Based on the experience of the community at large, we are going to review the traps, the requirements, and how to approach problems if you want your project to succeed. In the tradition of "reuse what already works", you can apply already known project management patterns and antipatterns to your Plone project. You will be surprised to see that it works ! More importantly, the session will bring advices to the different parties of a project (the Company/User and the Consultant/Developer/Provider), and investigate how they can work together for a better outcome for the end-user.