A new dawn for e-collaboration in science

Plone has growing reputation within research for working as an important component in international scientific collaboration infrastructures. In this panel session researchers shall present and answer questions on both their experiences in using Plone in a scientific context and on their research of studying Plone in use by scientists. Attendees will leave with a better conception of what is needed for international scientific collaboration and what Plone can offer as an e-collaboration tool to support research infrastructures. The panel participants will bring in expertise on computer supported collaborative work (CSCW) to stimulate use and development of Plone applications for such use cases. Panel headlines: - Exchange experiences with Plone in research environments (use cases) - Requirements for Plone in research environments: what's available, which extensions or modifications do we need? - Coordinate actions around Plone products for scientific use - Promote the use of Plone in scientific environments - Confront conceptions of collaborative research processes with Plone implementations of such models