Naples as the location: excellent and affordable connections


Naples has an airport which is situated only 2 km from the centre of the city. It is well connected with flights from all the main continents and is economical in that it is well served by many low cost companies. Moreover Naples has a high speed rail connection with Rome, a journey of about one and a half hours, a city which has two airports and many more flight connections. All of this makes Naples an excellent location, easily reachable at affordable prices.

Naples as a city: beautiful, yet inexpensive


Undoubtedly Naples is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. It is famous all over the world for its extensive museums, historic monuments and artistic treasures and acts as a base for the exploration of many of the most spectacular sights in Italy (Capri, Ischia, Sorrento, Pompei, Herculaneum and the Amalfi coast).

Nonetheless accommodation in the city is very affordable, with prices at for example comfortable and convenient 3 star hotels starting from as little as 40 euros per day.


Additionally the city is well served by an excellent and economical transport system, including an underground railway, trams, funiculars, buses and taxis.



The City Of Science: the ideal venue 

The location we have chosen to host the Plone Conference 2007 is the City Of Science.


This excellent conference centre will offer us three or four different halls for the seminars, able to accommodate from 300 to 900 participants.

The Newton Room, for example, is arranged in an amphitheatre on a lightly inclined floor and in steps; it is furnished with fixed pit-stalls and a foldaway desk.

There are three simultaneous translation rooms and one production room to control the equipment for the conference. The foyer, additionally, which includes the secretary’s office, is an area perfect for the registration of the participants and also possibly for small exhibitions.
The Archimede Room, Averroè Room and Saffo Room will also be available for seminars which means that up to three seminars can take place at any one time.

All halls are superbly equipped with state-of-the–art technology including Internet connections, with a bandwidth of 20 MB, and the latest video projectors. The City of Science is moreover equipped with a series of multi-functional areas for assemblies, small meetings, a secretary's office, press office and poster sessions and the gallery, an area of more than 550 square metres, perfect for exhibitions and for catering.

The Events Space of the City of Science could therefore offer a wide range of services to all participants to ensure a perfect conference experience.

Moreover the City of Science can provide us with an excellent catering service, including lunch and two coffee breaks.

The venue proposed is easy and convenient to reach. Indeed the City of Science is well connected to the airport, the railway station and the port of Naples.





How to reach the conference

Have a look at the City of Science on google maps

By car: From the highway, take the Naples ring road and then the exit at the "Naples Fuorigrotta" tollgate. Follow the signs for the City of Science.

By public transport (in Naples): from Piazza Municipio (City hall square) take a bus heading for Piazza Vittoria (Vittoria square). Once there, take bus number C10 until the "City of Science" stop. From a hotel on the seafront walk to Piazza Vittoria and take bus number C10 until the "City of Science" stop.

By plane: Naples - "Capodichino" Intl. Airport
From Naples airport take a bus to the central railway station ("Stazione Centrale F.S.") and then take the subway line heading for "Campi Flegrei".

By train
: From the railway station or "Campi Flegrei" subway stop. Get off at "Campi Flegrei" or at the next stop "Cavalleggeri d’Aosta", then continue by catching bus number C10 until the "City of Science" stop.



We will be providing a coffee break in the morning and a snack in the afternoon each day.

At 1:00 P.M a buffet lunch will be served with a selection of delicious traditional neapolitan specialities.



Have a look at this web site On that site you can find all the information you need to obtain a visa.

After you have registered for the conference we will send you a letter confirming this, which will be necessary for your visa application.




We have selected for you different hotels situated near the City of Science conference centre. At these hotels we have organized a special rate to ensure for all participants  at the conference excellent facilities and prices. From the table that follows you can select a hotel by clicking on the link "download" in the "booking form" column. You can download the booking form to send to the hotel.

Hotel  Stars 
  Rooms available 
Price in euro per night  Booking Form 
Jolly Hotel4EmailVia Medina15 double and single 150 download
Mercure Angioino 4EmailVia De Pretis35 single                  116 double use single 126 double 150 download
Hotel S.Germano
4Email Via Beccadelli, 41 - 80125 - Napoli25
Hotel Nesis 4Email Via Nuova Agnano33 single                  80 double use single 90 double 100 double suite 120 triple 130 download
Suite & Residence Hotel 3EmailVia Antiniana, 19 80078 Napoli20 double                120 double use single 100 download
American Hotel 3EmailVia Antiniana, 15 80078 Napoli35 double              
110 single 85
Hotel Montespina 4EmailVia Provinc. S. Gennaro25 double              
150 single 115
Hotel Serius 3EmailViale Augusto50 triple              
125 double              
105 single 95
Hotel S.Paolo 3EmailVia Terracina25 double              
80 single 75 triple 100
Hotel Cesare Augusto3EmailViale Augusto20 double              
80 single 60 triple 100
Hotel Leopardi3Emailp.zza Pilastri15 double 110 double use single 90 single 70 download
Hotel Europeo1EmailVia Mezocannone15 single                  
48 double use single 55 double 70 triple 85 four people
Hotel Canada 3EmailVia mergellina6 triple                 
100 double 95
Hotel Il Convento 3EmailVia Speranzella2 triple                 
110 family :) 120
Hotel Toledo 3EmailVia Monte Calvario10 single                  80 double use single 90 double 120 triple 145 four people 155 download
Hotel Executive 3EmailVia del cerriglio 10, 80134 Napoli10 double use single 85 double                95 triple 120 four people 140 suite 155 download
Esedra 3EmailVia Cantani 12, 80133 Napoli10 double use single 85 double                95 suite 155 download
Hotel Villa Medici 3EmailVia Nuova Bagnoli 550, Napoli8 doble use single 90 double              
110 triple 130 four people 155
Hotel Solfatara 3EmailVia Solfatara, 16330 single                  60 double 70 four people 110 download