Vote for Plone Conference talks

Voting is now open for Plone Conference 2010 talks. Now is your chance to have your say in what makes it into the programme.

Once again, we have an amazing set of talks submitted for the Plone Conference this year. We have had 66 talks submitted by 49 speakers from 20 different countries. We've got great case studies of Plone in action around the world, such as 'Developing Plone Applications to Manage Bioterrorism Risk' and 'Plone at the University of Washington' and informative tutorials such as 'Multilingual sites - cavets and tips' and 'How not to develop Plone products'. There is even sneak previews as to what is coming up in the future with talks such as 'Deco: Content Editing in Plone 5'.

Alas, we don't quite have enough room in the schedule to fit all of them, so we need your help in deciding which talks will be accepted. This year we have decided to open up the talk selection process to the wider community, and allow people to vote on which talks they would like to see. This will also help us schedule the talks to try and reduce the number of conflicts between very popular sessions.

Please register your vote against the talks you wish to see at the conference. You can vote on as many talks as you wish.

The deadline for voting on the talks is Friday, 17th September. Speakers will be notified by Monday, 21st September.

The 8th Annual Plone Conference will take place this year in Bristol, UK. The main conference is the 27th - 29th October. There will be training two days before, and sprints two days afterwards. For full information on the conference visit the conference website.

See you all in Bristol!

-Matt and the Plone Conference 2010 Organising Team