Guido Stevens

Guido started working with Plone back in 2004. He is the founder of Quaive, a secure community collaboration platform built on top of Plone.

Who am I?

I'm an open source entrepreneur and developer, living and working in Maastricht NL. My focus is on Quaive strategy, client consultancy, and development & devops.

Why am I interested?

I'm not, but I was told I should apply ;-). Jokes aside, Plone is an important part of my life, both as the basis for making a living, and as the vibrant open source community I feel at home in. In terms of both business and idealism, I have skin in the game.

Contributions I can make to the Plone Foundation

With Quaive and in various previous NGO board positions, I have a track record of successfully helping diverse stakeholders align towards shared strategic goals. I'd like to contribute my interpersonal and analytical skills, towards maximizing the long-term viability and success of both Plone-the-product and Plone-the-community.

Members who endorse my nomination

  • T. Kim Nguyen
  • Érico Andrei