Éric Bréhault

I have been a member of the Plone community for many years. I have created few weird Plone add-ons.

Who I am

I live in Toulouse in the south of France. I am a Python developer and a frontend developer. I work at Nuclia as team leader of the frontend team.

Why I want to join the board

Joining the Plone community has been a fantastic experience, which has positively impacted my life on many levels. I think it's only fair to give back and help the Plone community in return.

My contributions

  • I have created few add-ons (Plomino, Rapido, …), the most successul being the smallest one (mrs.developer).
  • I served as a member of the Framework team for few years.
  • I have been involved in the Guillotina project.
  • I've been organizing the GSoC for the Plone Foundation for 2 years.

Who is endorsing my nomination

  • T. Kim Nguyen
  • Paul Roeland