Brian Davis

Long-time Plone user, currently assisting the Plone Marketing Team with and Plone’s social media.

Who am I?

One of the legendary Weblion crew, Plone Symposium East facilitator, and newly minted Plone Foundation member.  I am immersed in Plone 6, Volto, and CI/CD, and find this release to be absolutely magical!  In my leisure time, I enjoy gardening, raising chickens, and tinkering with Raspberry Pis.

Why am I interested?

I mistakenly clicked on this page looking for the Ploneboard forum add-on :-) but since I’m here… Having seen the ebb and flow of this 20-year-old software, I know how fun and exciting Plone can be!  Plone has provided me many wonderful memories and dear friends, and I find giving back to this community both joyful and rewarding.

Contributions I can make to the board

I am known to be an active listener and philosophical thinker who offers unique perspectives.  I continually seek to widen the Plone tent and bring more people in.  I would like to peek my head above the Marketing silo and collaborate with other teams.  Plus, I enjoy getting my hands dirty, as evident by my aforementioned love of gardening. :-)

My contributions to Plone

  • (5 & 6)
  • Plone Marketing Team
  • Plone Tune-Up Days
  • Plone Symposium East
  • State College Plone Users Group
  • PloneEdu
  • Various themes, add-ons, and bug fixes

Members who endorse my nomination

  • T. Kim Nguyen
  • Rikupekka Oksanen
  • Rob Porter
  • Eric Steele