T. Kim Nguyen

Previously a Board member 2014–2019, fan of and advocate for Plone-the-software and Plone-the-community

What I think I can add to the Plone Foundation

I have been using Plone and delivering Plone projects to clients for 19 years now. Plone changed my career and life for the better, and it has been my pleasure to support Plone (the software and the community), as an event organizer, a team lead, and a cheerleader for other Plone community members, new and experienced.

I believe in seeking out ideas and feedback, listening to all interested parties, and weighing decisions with the long term good of the community topmost in mind. I am also inclined to take action and not let issues linger if there is a way to move them forward, closer to a resolution.

I was a board member from 2014 to 2019. My goal in returning to the board this term is to help drive a more active, collaborative effort to help Plone providers gain more visibility for their work and activities.

Who I am

I am a developer and engineer at heart, with a passion for telling people what software they should be using :) 

Beginning in 2003, I brought Plone to the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, where we deployed 350 Plone sites, intranets, and workflow apps, and we hosted the Plone Symposium Midwest in 2013 and 2014. I have since worked for three Plone service companies, and I am currently a freelancer.

I helped organize the 2016 Boston Plone conference, the 2017 Barcelona conference, and since then I was part of the conference organizing team that assists the real organizers on the ground.


  • Kim Paulissen
  • Erico Andrei