Kim Paulissen

Plone enthusiast. Maintainer and integrator of all Plone based solutions for the KU Leuven University since 2008. Plone community member since then. Served on several community teams (UI, training, documentation).

Who am I?

I have been a Plone developer for over 10 years at the University of Leuven (KU Leuven Belgium) where it is used as the main CMS. Over the years we have developed many add-ons for the university, integrated Plone with a bunch of KU Leuven data services and maintained the user support, training and end-user documentation for the university over all these years.

I love hanging out with the Plone Community at conferences and other events. I've also been involved in several community teams over the years, UI and training team in the past and now on the documentation team.

Why am I interested?

Over the years of working with Plone and spending time with so many different Plonistas from all over the world, I've grown very fond of the Plone Community and consider it be my family away from home.

So many interesting people building and expanding such a huge open source software project over the years has empowered us to keep up with the continuingly fast evolving world of the web. The Plone community also embraces other projects like Zope and Guillotina, all derived from working together and using our combined experiences in those different parts to bring our projects further, together.

Facing the challenges of big projects and finding good solutions for them has always been an interest of mine, in my work at the university and in my contributions to the Plone community. It would be an honour to serve on the board, and to work together on how we can continue to make great things happen in the years to come.

What I bring

Over the years I've built experience with almost all parts of managing and contributing to Plone related projects and, maybe more importantly, first hand experience and feedback from the people using it day in day out.

In the past years I've also been involved in several Plone teams and I've had the pleasure of getting to know and work with many Plone community members.
With that comes experience with working with people from lots of different backgrounds and technology preferences, and bringing people together.
Collaborating on projects, making compromises and finding common ground to make a better product or find a better solution is something that really excites me (when it all works out of course :-) )

I would love to continue to work together with and for the community and use my experience to find solutions for the challenges ahead.


T. Kim Nguyen

Philip Bauer