Andy Leeb

Current Secretary for Plone Foundation Board

Who I Am

I'm currently a Sr Solutions Architect at Onna, working extensively with Guillotina in an enterprise environment. I have also worked as a Plone developer, deploying Plone across a large US university department, which at one point had more than 100 individual Plone deployments. Additionally, in other roles I have built and maintained Pyramid based solutions, and worked with governments and education to integrate Plone as a CMS solution for intra and extranet.

I served on the Plone Board of Directors in 2013-2014 and again as Secretary in 2019-2020, work with the community processing Plone Contributor Agreements and serve on the Membership Committee. I organized and funded the Sea Sprint in 2012, which resulted in the testing infrastructure that Plone now uses. Speaker at Plone Symposiums and Plone Conference 2012.

Why I am interested

I am personally invested in promoting Guillotina and related technologies as first class projects within the Zope/Plone community. I want to be able to provide funding and resources for these projects to help build momentum for them - I see these projects as crucial for the vibrancy of this community, as these projects continue to attract new developers that are versed in both Python and JS. As well, I want to modernized our contributors agreement process.

Additionally, I enjoy being able to give back to the community that continues to provide great opportunities in my career and personal life.

What I bring

Experience as both a developer and a decision maker within an organization. I understand the importance of having a deep technical understanding of Plone/Zope/Guillotina as well as extensive background with the community. Having served on the board in the past, I understand how it works and what it takes to continue to move and grow.


  • Nathan Van Gheem
  • T. Kim Nguyen