Plone Foundation Annual General Meeting Minutes Dec 10, 2020

Annual membership meeting

Meeting called to order at 17:50 UTC



Present: Jens Klein, Erico Andrei, Chrissy Wainwright, Jen Meyers, Carol Ganz, Victor, Andy, Paul Fulvio, Alexander, Alec Mitchell, Sven Strack, David Glick, Kim Nguyuen, Frapell, Philip Bauer, Sally k, Armin, Eric Brehault, David Bain, Maurits

Action Items

  • Introduction of current board
  • Thank you Fulvio!
  • Introduce Jen our treasurer
  • Introduce ambassadors
  • Introduce project team leads
  • Introduce new members from Zope Foundation
  • 43 new Plone contributor agreements this year
  • 18 new Zope contributors this year
  • Less sprints funded this year, but a couple from before the pandemic
  • Description of the foundations role in organizing the conference this year

    • Lots of sponsorships!
    • Lots of tickets sold!
    • Plone Foundation is flush with monies for sprints!
  • Evangelism and outreach:

    • Plone Tagung in March
    • Python Web Conf - Plone track
    • CMS garden membership
  • Sprints (remote)

    • Ploneator sprint in Jan
    • Plone 6 sprint in April
    • Beethoven sprint in May
    • Zope May in May
    • Zope Autumn in September
    • Plone 6 Theming in October
    • Plone 6 classic resources in November
  • Sponsorships - Fulvio will take over management

    • Many premium, standard and individual sponsors. Document posted on with details.
    • Cash flow also reported
  • New board:

    • 7 nominations so no vote required
    • Chrissy, Paul, Erico, Victor, Jens, William, Andy
    • Jen is treasurer 
    • Kim moved to approve, Alec seconds, unanimously approved
    • Welcome William! 

Alec moved to adjourn, Andy seconded

Unanimously approved

Meeting adjourned at 17:59 UTC