William Fennie

Plone integrator since 2008; occasional sprinter, worked on PloneEdu and Plone marketing; experienced in non-profit decision making

image of William Fennie

I have been a member of the Plone community since 2008, working mainly in education with one or two forays into consultant / development initiatives. I would describe myself as an integrator who can read python and knows his way around the various moving parts in a Plone instance.

I've had training from Joel Burton (Plone 3 Theming), Nate Aune (Dexterity), Chris Calloway (Python), and Alex Clark (Site Admin) and have maintained sites at my place of employment, the University of Maryland, and a non-profit - moving them from Plone 3 to Plone 5.1.6 as times changed.

I spent the 2000-2001 academic year in Nice, France, explaining (unsuccessfully) to my colleagues why the United States could not elect a President, as well as translating the Guide Gantié, a job that continued (remote) for about 10 years. I will bring a love of cultural diversity to my involvement with the Plone Foundation Board.

My interest

The community has given a lot to me over the years and I would like to give back. It is possible that I will make a significant contribution to the code someday, but the odds are very long. So I need to look in a different area. Serving on the board is one way. I believe I can make a contribution in the area of documentation, and I look forward to finding other niches where my skill set may be put to use.

What I can bring to the table

I have served in various board capacities in the non-profit sector for over 15 years and have a lot of experience working with a range of personalities and occasionally in the context of several agendas, spoken and unspoken on various parts. This experience ran from choosing the location of an annual event, to maintaining registered trademarks and copyrights, to making decisions about curriculum development and teacher qualifications. I am a decent moderator and can sometimes discern a middle ground that others haven't seen yet. I have huge respect for all the contributors to the Plone community and a desire to help non-programmers like myself feel comfortable working in the Plone environment. I've been working on the Marketing committee for the last (about) year.


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