Paul Roeland

Integrator, open source activist and non-profit tech person. Currently on the Board.

Who am I?

I'm a long-time technology and open-source activist, who has worked for a wide range of non-profits and other organisations. My interests lie in using technology for social progress, and conversely in applying lessons learned from the opensource movement to nonprofits and other social movements.

I'm currently working for the Clean Clothes Campaign, developing intra- and extranets that use Plone as an enabling technology that allows labour- and human-rights activists to work together more efficiently, across geographical and cultural boundaries.

Apart from currently being on the board, I am known to dabble in Plone documentation and accessibility issues.

Why I'm interested

I have strong bonds with Plone, both the software and the community. Contributing to the Board work is a good way to give back. I also like organising stuff, and trying to do that in ways that allows other people to be at their best.

Although I have already spent quite some time on the Board, I still feel I have something to contribute, and feel honored by the fact that other people have told me so.

What I bring

Long experience in questions of process and decision-making. If there's one thing you learn in nonprofit-land, it's a keen eye for how to keep discussions focused and make sure every voice can be heard before reaching a decision together.

I actually like interacting with people, and keep an eye out for community discussions whenever I can.

As integrator and sysadmin, I know enough Plone to keep the needs of the overall community foremost in my musings. I'm also not employed by a Plone company or provider, which can help to keep a neutral stance.

I do have an unfortunate over-enthusiasm for cats & gifs, and worst of all cat gifs, but that is usually not interfering with Board duties. Usually.

Nomination seconded by

  • Eric Brehault
  • Timo Stollenwerk