Jens W. Klein

Part of the Community since Plone 1.0, Core-Developer, Sprint-Organizer, been in different roles in the Plone community (but never in the Board).

Who am I?

Image of Jens Klein

I believe in the concept of commons and OpenAccess in general and Free and OpenSource Software in special.

Plone drives my business since version 1.0 (since 2003). As founder of Klein & Partner KG and co-founder of BlueDynamics Alliance we did a lot small, medium and large projects with Plone and its ecosystem.

I am 46 years old, born in Germany and living in Innsbruck, Austria, Europe with my wife Christine and our three boys. I love the nature, community-gardening, cooking and good beer and wine (and good cheese).

If curious, you can find some more professional background at my personal page (parts in German).

Why the board?

I was and I am in different Plone-Teams and Roles. At the moment in the Framework and Security Teams. If elected, I would step down from the Framework Team. Even if I am Foundation Member since 2005, I never been part of the board. I know the community well and think it is time for a new role.

What I can do for Plone

Zope is now part of the Plone Foundation, there are spin-offs like Guillotina, and other related communities like Pylons/Pyramid may join us. It is a welcoming change, empowering the Plone Foundation - and it brings new challenges. If talking about those projects I see the people behind them and not so much the technology. Since Plone is the community (and then the software), we need to bring all people together. This was one goal of the Alpine City Sprints we organized (for Zope and Plone) and I would like to push this spirit further more.

Plone pays my bills and those of a lot of (core-)developers, integrators and companies. Plone is an important piece of software in the world. It powers lots of large governments, universities, NGOs and companies. But we - the whole community - did not manage to get the visibility on the IT-news portals we deserve. This is a historical problem of Plone I observed over the last 16 years. The community never had the marketing experts with enough motivation to promote Plone on this level. The marketing team has limited resources and single persons did a lot until they burnt out. Then there are cultural differences between the different markets Plone is situated at. I am not a marketing expert either, but I am willed to learn and tackle this problem by joining forces in order improve here step by step to come to a sustainable manageable solution.


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