Chrissy Wainwright

Plone developer and trainer. Current Foundation Vice President.

Who I am

Chrissy Wainwright

I came to know Plone when I joined Six Feet Up over 10 years ago as a front-end developer. As I learned more about Plone and came to know the community, I realized I could use the knowledge I'd gained about Plone to teach others how to use it and theme their Plone sites. Over time, I eventually learned Python and switched to back-end development. My hobbies include climbing, photography, video games, and training to be a ninja warrior.

Why I'm interested

I come from a line of women who have held elected positions in their townships. I never thought that would be the sort of thing I would be interested in, until the opportunity came up to serve with the Plone Foundation. I saw that there was a need for people to help the Foundation function behind the scenes, and I felt that was a place where I could provide help. I enjoy doing what I can to help out the community and I am committed to taking the time necessary for board meetings and follow up tasks.

What I Bring

I have served on the board since 2014, so I am familiar with the processes and rules. For making decisions with the board, I work to gather information from all sides to make the best decision for the community. I am committed to seeing the Plone community continue for years to come.


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