Annual Meeting Minutes for October 25, 2019

13:32 CEST

Paul welcomes members.

Board members present:Paul Roeland, Alexander Loechel, Érico Andrei, Victor Fernández de Alba, Kim Nguyen (unable to attend in person: Chrissy Wainwright and Carol Ganz)

Applause for Jen Myers agreeing to continue being our treasurer

Ambassadors. Manabu applauded.

6 new Members

Many sprints funded


Matthew Wilkes called out for helping us with Zope Foundation 

Membership committee: would like to see Zope and Guillotina represented

Pylons community update: licensing uncertainty

Events and outreach

GSoC students, including Alok who presented his work in Ferrara

sponsors thanked

Finances review. Legal issues. Matthew’s comment regarding Zope funds eventually becoming available to Plone Foundation

Matthew reporting the results of the vote: 48 valid votes submitted. 51% turnout of those eligible to vote. 36 votes each: Victor, Érico, Chrissy, 35 Andy, 34 Paul, 32 Jens, 32 Fulvio, 16 William. Moves to accept Victor, Érico, Chrissy, Andy, Paul, Jens, Fulvio. Fred seconds. Unanimously passed. 

Alexander moves to adjourn. Philip seconds. Unanimously passed. 

Érico thanked Alexander, Carol, Kim for their service.

Much clapping.

Adjourned 13:40 CEST