Victor Fernandez de Alba

Senior Software Developer, Board member since 2015-2016.


Who I am?

I'm Senior Software Developer at kitconcept GmbH, working mainly with Plone and modern Javascript frameworks using it as headless backend. I also worked for the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech for 15 years, where I helped to deploy over 450 Plone sites including the main institutional site, faculty and departments intranets and public sites.

I'm actively involved in the development of Plone-React, Plone REST API and the Pastanaga UI project. I'm co-author of the Plone 5's multilingual add-on and the default (Barceloneta) theme. Organizer of the Barcelona Plone Conference and also organized several sprints in Barcelona. I'm the team leader of the project and authored a Plone book. 

Why am I interested?

Being part of the Board has been one of the more awesome experiences I ever had in the Plone Community. After three awesome years, I got to learn and being used to what means to be part of the Board and its duties, I'm very engaged to further continue to serve the community as Board member.

Especially I want to explore new ways to empower and market the potential of Plone out there, continuing with the work at by adding new features that help to develop the community and its internal communication processes. I also think that the process that we started two years ago with the headless project and all the effort around is key to the future of Plone and should be publicised and encouraged to adopt. I want to help to open Plone to other communities and technologies as well in order to broaden the reach of Plone itself.

This year I also want to start focusing on the Plone Conference process in order to standardize, continuously improve it, and be able to help and ease the work of the organizers. This might lead to a better understanding of what means to organize a conference and the resources required in order to deliver a successful Plone Conference.

What I bring

I have the core developer and the project manager/product owner and decision maker perspective and I know how to bring together the best of both worlds. I'm good at seeing a problem from different perspectives and points of view, emphasizing with all the parts involved but keeping in mind the overall vision of the project or endeavor to accomplish.

I fell in love with Plone at first sight eleven years ago and I want to help it to endure and prosper in the coming years. I would do anything in my hand to make this come true.


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