T. Kim Nguyen

by T. Kim Nguyen published 2017/10/02 01:00:00 GMT+0, last modified 2018-10-18T20:26:51+00:00
Board member since 2014-2015

T. Kim Nguyen

What I think I can add to the Plone Foundation

I understand the importance of historical context, but I don't believe in doing something simply because it's the way it's "always" been done. 

I'm not afraid to ask questions, because I've often found that they lead to new ways of thinking about a vexing problem.

While I see myself as a change agent and I admire Darth Vader's management skills, I do strive to work with people to develop consensus.

I am now old enough to understand and live by the value of the long term view and not push for short term fixes.

My greatest pleasure is in finding ways to work with everyone's strengths and giving people the opportunity to contribute in rewarding ways.

Why I am interested

Being on the board is still the best way to have access to timely/immediate, unfiltered information about what is happening in the wider Plone community: who is doing what, and what needs to be done.

There are several things I'd still like to continue working on, including:

  • systematize and make sustainable a baseline process for Plone marketing and communications
  • Plone.com: update content; make it read premium sponsors and providers from the new Plone.org sponsorship database
  • Plone.org: finish massaging the old content migrated from old.plone.org in 2015; install the add-on listing from GSoC 2017
  • continue to systematize the planning and hosting of Plone events, including conferences and sprints, e.g. with simple document templates, checklists, and timelines

Who I am

I've been working with Plone since 2003, when I lead the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh team deploying Plone for over 300 sites, and where we hosted the Plone Symposium Midwest in 2013 and 2014.

Since 2015 I have been working for Wildcard Corp., with 20% of my time allocated to Plone community work.

What I have wrought upon ye so far

During my first board term (2014-15), I participated in these efforts:

  • Plone.com development and launch, our marketing site
  • PLOG Strategic Summit in Sorrento
  • Formation of Plone 5 Launch team
  • Plone Foundation Membership committee chair
  • The successful, on time, coordinated release of Plone 5.0

During my second board term (2015-16), my work included:

  • responsibility for Foundation sponsorships
  • maintaining Plone.com content
  • helping to launch the new Plone.org 
  • Foundation membership committee chair
  • organizing the 2016 Boston Plone Conference, and advising the 2017 proposal team
  • bolstering the role of the Communications Team Leader with an annual travel stipend
  • systematizing the hosting of Plone conference web sites and the archiving of past Plone conference web sites

During my third board term (2016-17), my work included:

  • continued responsibility for Foundation sponsorships and streamlining our record keeping, through Google Sheets, PayPal, and Quickbooks Online
  • maintaining Plone.org and Plone.com sites and content
  • helping to organize the 2017 Barcelona Plone Conference
  • taking on the role of the Marketing & Communications Team Leader
  • continuing to systematize the hosting of Plone conference web sites and the archiving of past Plone conference web sites on our conference server
  • archiving and serving a static copy of old.plone.org
  • helping to organizing the Plone Open Garden 2017
  • participating in the development of the Plone Headless CMS initiative and plone.io 

During my fourth board term (2017-18), my work included:

  • continued responsibility for Foundation sponsorships and creation of a new Plone.org-hosted sponsorship database for centralized management (last year's goal of "implement a new content and workflow process for Plone Foundation sponsorship record keeping, handling, recording, payment, and renewals")
  • maintaining Plone.org and Plone.com sites and content
  • continuing in the role of the Marketing & Communications Team Leader


  • Rob Porter
  • Nathan Van Gheem
  • Peter Holzer