Alexander Loechel

Active Plone Board Member and community member.

Who am I?

I've been involved with Plone since 2004, and got involved with community activities starting in 2008. I am the organizer and one of the co-hosts of the Munich Plone and Python Users' Group, as well as organizer of PyLadies Munich. My day job is manager of the IT division of the LMU, Germany's largest university.

Plone is not my day job, but I still feel connected and engaged in the community.

I have served five terms as a Board Member of Plone Foundation, 2013-2018.

I act as a liaison for universities and higher education facilities, the liaison for the security team, as well as for the CMS-Garden Project, and be currently the Vice President of the Foundation.

Why am I interested?

The Plone Community is one of the few non hostile open source projects that makes fun to work with. Working with such a fantastic community, and the board, has been a rewarding experience that I'd like to continue. I think that being a steward of the community and serving the interests of our Plone family is a honor and duty at the same time.  

What I can add to the Plone Foundation

I want to bring my perspective as a manager and decision-maker to the board. I'd like to encourage a wider focus of the project that can make Plone even better and better-recognized for large enterprises, government entities and universities. I’d like to do this by encouraging sprints and by developing, then implementing, a strategic roadmap.


  • Max Jakob
  • Maurits van Rees