Annual Meeting Minutes for November 8, 2018

Meeting called to order at 9:25 UTC

Annual Report

Six new members this year

10 larger strategic sprints were funded this year

2 community events: Jamaica and Bangledesh

Present at PyCon US, Euro Python, PythonWeb Munich, CMS Garden, Plone Tagung, plus volunteers at other events.

Four GSOC students, all of whom are here at the conference, as we were able to help fun their travel.

Had some trademark issues, which ended with large legal costs, but did get the offending domain in the end. Lessons learned: don't let domains expire, transfer them to the Foundation, and be careful with the legal costs.

We will be ending our relationship with RackSpace, moving to our own paid infrastructure. Also the mailing lists will move in the next year.

We now have a SiteImprove plugin, now listed on their officially endorsed plugins.

We received two generous one-time donations in the last year. Thank you to all of the annual sponsors (companies and individuals) as well.


Money is not final yet since we will wait until the end of the conference based on the conference expenses. It currently looks like we have a gain, but the legal expenses are not yet taken into account.

Matthew Wilkes moves to approve the report, second from Erico Andrei, Unanimously approved.


Philip leaves the table. Six of the current board members will remain. Erico Andrei is our new board member. Seven people put in nominations, so no vote is necessary.

Eric Brehault moves to approve the new board of directors, Alexander Pilz seconds. Unanimously approved

Declaration of Intent

There was discussion to bring in Pyramid under the Plone Foundation. This is still in the plan to continue the discussion. Process still needs to happen


Philip made a motion to adjourn, Matthew Wilkes seconded, Unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned at 9:38 UTC