Philip Bauer

Developer, Evangelist, CEO of, Trainer. Currently on the board


Who I am?

I run the company and develop applications and websites with Plone since Version 2.1. I'm a historian by education, strongly believe in Open Source and enjoy making a living from creating code that is not owned by anyone.

I created the Mastering Plone Training and believe that one key to the future success of Plone is the ability to train new developers by teaching them fun and well documented approached to development.

Why am I interested

I was a member of the board for the last 2 years. I want to run for another term on the board and again focus on being a communicator between the developers and the board, e.g. by being the liason between the framework team and the board. My highest interest is that everyone is on the same page regarding our roadmap into the future.

What I bring

I grew from being a user to being a core-developer and trainer so I have a broad perspective of Plone and try to strongly focus on the things that might drive the community forward in the long run as a whole. One example is that I pushed the process of creating a consensus for a Plone Roadmap without trying to push my opinions. I am a reasonably good organizer with a lot of attention to detail once I am really convinced of the value of something. I totally suck at math and finances.

A word of caution: I was head of the membership commitee and failed to reign in new members mainly for lack of trying hard enough even though we had some viable candidates. I promise not to get myself appointed for that position again since it is obviously not my strong point to bully people into writing applications for membership.

Plone Foundation Members Who Second My Nomination