Paul Roeland

integrator, open source activist and non-profit tech person. Currently on the Board.

Who am I?

I'm a long-time technology and open-source activist, that has worked for a wide range of non-profits and other organisations. My interests lie in using technology for social progress, and conversely in applying lessons learned from the opensource movement to nonprofits and other social movements.
I started using Plone for a non-profit intranet when version 0.99beta3 was all the rage, and have really enjoyed the ride over the years.
I'm currently working for the

Clean Clothes Campaign

, developing intra- and extranets that use Plone as an enabling technology that allows labour- and human-rights activists to work together more efficiently, across geographical and cultural boundaries.

Why I'm interested

Well, because I'm a lousy programmer, obviously ;-)
I have strong bonds with Plone, both the software and the community. Contributing to the Board work is a good way to give back. I also like organising stuff, and trying to do that in ways that allows other people to be at their best.

What I bring

Long experience in questions of process and decision-making. If there's one thing you learn in nonprofit-land, it's a keen eye for how to keep discussions focused, guarantee diversity of opinion, and use best-of-breed methods of reaching a conclusion.

As integrator and sysadmin, I know enough Plone to keep the needs of the overall community foremost in my musings.

As campaigner, I am used to dealing with people. As a person with a reasonably cheerful disposition, I actually like interacting with people.

Nomination secondeded by

Rok Garbas
David Glick
Érico Andrei