David Bear

self nomination, volunteering

I have been a plone user since verison 2.1 in a university setting. I spent many years making plone work for the college of public programs. I was the sole technical support for over 20 plone sites, implementing plone as the CMS for many subunits within the college. Plone gave me a lot of value. Furthermore, I received a lot of value from the plone community.

Now that I am no longer with the college, I may be better able to give back to plone and the community the value I received. I know plone as an integrator, a site developer, as a user, designer, and content manager. I have written documentation on how to implement certain features for web sites we developed. I look forward to plone extensions such as plomino that make plone a valid contender for closed source products such as domino and sharepoint. I would like to aid in the effort to make plone more of a mainstream tool for business use.

I have not solicited any foundation members yet for a nomination but intend to ask Steve McMahon and Alex Clark for their second. Thank you for your consideration.