Cris Ewing

Principal, Cris Ewing Developer LLC. Speaker at Plone Conferences since 2008. Trainer in Plone and other Python web technologies.

Who am I

I'm an independent Python developer working in Plone and other systems and frameworks.  I've been involved with Plone and the Plone community since 2006, speaking at conferences, participating in sprints and offering trainings.  I've contributed to the Plone core and to add-ons such as Faculty-Staff Directorry, GetPaid, bibliograph.parsing, bibliograph.rendering, bibliograph.core, CMFBibliographyAT, and many others.  For the last three years I've been serving as the release manager for ZopeSkel and as the architect of its replacement, templer.  


Why I'm Interested

A community is only as strong as its members are active.  It is time for me to contribute with more than just lines of code.


What I can add to the Foundation Board

I've got strong interpersonal skills and am good at helping facilitate communications between people. I've got a long history working with social organizations with diverse membership and so I'm good at seeking compromise and consensus.



  • Paul Roelands
  • Steve McMahon