Andy Leeb

Co-founder of Anderson Leeb, Inc, co-organizer of the Sea Sprint (2012). Speaker at Plone Symposiums and Plone Conference 2012. Plone integrator, developer and consultant.

Who am I

I am a software engineer involved with the web since it became something people can do for a living. I have been involved with Plone as an integrator since 2006 and a developer since 2007. I currently work as both a consultant and as a developer at a major US university. Both vocations involve deployments of Plone in various guises - intra- & extranet, enterprise wide CMS, and custom webapps delivered via Plone and related technologies. 

Why I'm interested

I want to become more involved with Plone and the community. I have been active in organizing and participating in community events, giving technical talks at conferences, development efforts and on a personal and professional level, evangelizing Plone.  After reading Plone's Next Decade document, I would gladly contribute to any of these initiatives.

What I can add to the Plone Foundation

  • Experience with Plone in universities and educational markets

  • Experience with Plone as a consultant

  • General sense of optimism and enthusiasm


Steve McMahon

Paul Roeland