Steve McMahon

Plone integrator, developer, trainer, past board member, and long-time community volunteer.

Seconded by: Érico Andrei, David Glick, Alan Hoey, Elizabeth Leddy, John Stahl, Matthew Wilkes.

Please take a look at

Plone’s Next Decade: The Plone Foundation Board

for a list of proposals that I endorse and would like to work on if elected to the Board.

I see the ideas in the “Next Decade” document as being about the improvements that the Plone Foundation can make to better develop and support the next generation of leadership for our project and community — while maintaining the continuity, purpose and sheer joy of working together that has characterized Plone’s first 10 years.

I came to Plone early in the project’s life, finding a content-management platform that was ideal for the local and regional non-profits that I work with in Northern California. I was a community lurker for several years; then I joined in a big way. In the past few years, I’ve developed and nurtured a popular add-on product (PloneFormGen), taken the Unified Installer through two versions of Plone, fixed bugs and worked on occasional PLIPs in the core, helped organize sprints, written lots of documentation, and have taught and given talks at several conferences and symposia.

I also served on the Board for four years and was Board secretary for 2-1/2 years. After a year off, I’m ready to do it again if you’ll have me.

I suppose all that makes me part of Plone’s older generation, and I am certainly older. However, I enthusiastically enjoy working with our new generation of coders, integrators, writers, and leaders, and I’d like to help the Foundation and community find new ways to integrate them into our changing community.