Steve McMahon

Plone consultant and integrator specializing in non-profits. SteveM on #plone; smcmahon on

Board Experience

I’ve been on the 2007-2008 board, and the most useful thing I can probably do here is summarize my strengths and weaknesses as a board member.


I’ve made board meetings a high priority, making about 95% of them, and have generally been well-prepared. I believe I’ve had useful input on several policy discussions, particularly those on non-profit operation, intellectual property and Plone.Org issues. I’ve volunteered to do tasks like correspondence when needed or when I was the right person.

Along with Jon Stahl, I’ve worked quite a bit on bylaws improvements.

Lots of Plone.Org work, helping deal with content, content issues, policy, and hosting planning.

I believe I’ve been highly available to community members to discuss board business and bring issues to the board.


My work with document team organizing and content policy is largely unfinished. There were parts of the year when I just didn’t have the time I needed to keep this moving. I will try to be more consistent.

I have trouble keeping up with Jon Stahl. ;)

Plone Community Experience

  • Creator and maintainer of PloneFormGen.
  • Maintainer for Unified and OS X Installers.
  • Release manager for Plone Help Center.
  • Active on the Plone documentation team.
  • Participant in the 2008 Plone Strategic Planning Summit.
  • A key organizer of the very active Davis, California, Plone Users Group.

Other Non-Profit and Policy Experience

Long-term member of the Davis Community Network Board of Directors (DCN is a non-profit organization that supports developing Internet resources for community purposes). Past board president, currently vice-president. Web team chair. We have over 70 local and regional non-profit groups using Plone on DCN servers. I’ve had a great deal of experience working with volunteer-based organizations, and am good at helping build consensus.

Chair, City of Davis Telecommunications Commission, a municipal telecommunications policy and community media oversight body.


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