Roberto Allende

Roberto Allende - Plone developer, trainer and commercial manager at Menttes. Co-founder of Plone Cono Sur and World Plone Day organizer. r0ver on #plone and Plone.Org.

Roberto Allende

My team and I first discovered Plone in 2004 and have been dedicated solution providers ever since.I am a co-founder of PloneConoSur, the Latin American contact for PloneGov Project and I'm very interested to continue working hard to promote plone in my region and worldwide.  In my work as a consultant at Menttes, my contributions within the Plone community have grown over the past three years. While my experience as a contributor is thouroghly documented below, I have had the opportunity to promote the commercial potential of Plone while working in sales. This has expanded my appreciation and understanding of Plone as a whole and I feel that it has been a very valuable experience.

My Commitment to the Plone Community:

      • ClockServer 0.2 for Zope 2.9
      • createfolder (a content rule)
        To be published, currently i am re-packaging with collective space names and adding more features.
      • paab (Plone as a Blog)
        Is what i use in my blog. Right now i'm migrating to scrawl instead of maintain my own content type. The idea is to create a "Plone Distribution" (as in linux distributions) that is a ready-to-use-solution for blogging.

  • MailingList Administration:
  • Maintain a Plone Blog in Spanish which continuously documents my involvement within the community
  • Open Source and Free Software contributions
    • Routinely promote Plone by converting existing open-source project websites free of charge.
    • Software Sites moved to Plone for free (tasks oriented to promote plone and plone cono sur): 1 & 1/2 (under construction)

My interest

I am passionate about working to promote the use of Plone worldwide and to make an impact on the entire foundation. While I contribute to all aspects of the community, I am particularly interested in focusing on the Spanish speaking market and the non-English speakers in general. This focus is especially evident within the many user-groups that I have created and to which I contribute regularly. I have seen that there is an increasing demand for volunteers within this category. Whenever there is a Free Software convention or similar event, I am there promoting plone; organizing mini-courses, educating the public, and proudly spreading the word. Being a member of the Board would increase my credibility as a promoter and allow me substantiate the work I do on a regular basis. I believe that if needed I can be an asset when it comes to obtaining financial support for certain projects.

Plone Foundation members that seconded my nomination:

  • Chris Calloway
  • Steve McMahon
  • Alexander Limi