Matthew Wilkes

Developer, Team Rubber -- Bristol, UK

Who you are

I've been a Zope and Plone developer for four years, starting to use Plone with the release of Plone 2.0.  I continue to work for Team Rubber as their longest standing developer as well as an independent consultant under the name of Circular Triangle.

Why you're interested

Plone has changed massively over the past few years; the latest version is a great improvement over where Plone was as recently as a year ago.  I want to help with outreach to other Python communities and ensure the work thats been done in Plone can be used by other communities and, just as importantly, we can take advantage of the code being generated by other projects.

I'm also conscious that there is somewhat of a shortage of Plone developers, as somebody who started using Plone within his first month of university I'm very interested in promoting Python development and Plone in particular to university and pre-university students.

What you think you can add to the Plone Foundation

Outside Plone

For three years I was vice-chairman of a not-for-profit campaigning organisation with an annual budget of approximately $100,000 USD where I was in charge of communication, both with the media and our membership.

Plone Community

I have also been active in the Plone community, outside development I have been involved in organising Plone's participation in Google's open source promotional programmes Google Highly Open Participation Contest and Google Summer of Code.  Recently, I have become an editor of a section of Plone's documentation; I'm not short of head space.

Most importantly, the name(s) of one or more PF members that "second" your nomination

Steve McMahon, Jon Stahl