Luciano Ramalho

Plone evangelist, helped establish Plone as a key platform in the Brazilian government; president and co-founder of the Brazilian Python Association, which organizes the yearly PyConBrasil where Alexander Limi and Nate Aune have been speakers

Who you are

  • Python and Zope instructor, integrator and evangelist since 1998
  • Plone instructor, integrator and evangelist since 2003
  • Former chief architect and CTO of Brasil Online (1994-1996), the pioneering web portal of Abril S/A, Brazil's largest magazine publisher
  • Co-developer of the Incubadora Virtual (Virtual Incubator) at Fapesp (the most prestigious scientific funding agency in Brazil); the Incubator hosts more than 300 Plone sites belonging to hundreds of research groups, with more than 10.000 users registered with "member" role
  • Founder of Hiperlógica, a pioneering Zope company which, among other accomplishments:
    • provided two of the earliest high-visibility use cases for Zope deployment in a news portal (IDGNow and BOL, 1999)
    • sponsored Paul Everitt's first trip to Brazil as a keynote speaker to LinuxWorld São Paulo in 2001
    • created the first public proposal of an XML-compliant template system to replace DTML in Zope
    • provided the environment and the challenges which helped shape a few of the best Brazilian Zope and Plone developers
  • Founder of the Brazilian Python Association (APyB) which:
    • was co-founded by most well-known, long-time Python, Plone and Zope developers and evangelists in Brazil, and all Brazilian Plone Foundation members
    • has three Plone Foundation members in the current board (Fabiano "Xiru" Weimar as vice-president, Dorneles Tremea as managing director, and myself as president)
    • runs all key Python and Plone mailing lists and the main Python and Zope community web sites in Brazil
    • organizes the yearly PyConBrasil since 2005, and sponsored Alexander Limi's recent keynote during PyConBrasil in Rio de Janeiro; Nate Aune was our first international speaker, in 2007
    • influences the programming of FISL (Forum Internacional do Software Livre; since 2000 one of the largest FLOSS conferences worldwide), an event which has already had Paul Everitt and Alan Runyan as international speakers, among many other FLOSS celebrities and legendary hackers
  • First and current president of the Brazilian Python Association
  • Founder of the São Paulo Python User's Group (GruPy-SP), one of the most active PUGs in Latin America, with montlhy meetings that often attract more than 50 people, peaking at 200 last September
  • Library Sciences student at University of São Paulo
  • Google Summer of Code student (2006 with Horde/PHP and 2007 with Zope/Grok)
  • Partner at Occam Consultoria, a small software development, training and mentoring company specializing in Plone and Django
  • A passionate and prolific instructor who's always been enthusiastic about how easy it is to intrudoce Plone, the product, to end-users, but very concerned about how hard it has become to introduce developers to Plone, the framework
  • I've been to the Plone Conferences in Seattle and Naples, and Zope 3 sprints in Fredericksburg and Cologne (Neanderthal Grok Sprint)
  • I have spoken at almost every national event in Brazil where there were talks about Plone or Python, including most editions of the FISL - Forum Internacional do Software Livre since 2001, and also at the 2002 O'Reilly Open Source Convention (San Diego) and the I Encuentro Nacional de Software Livre (Buenos Aires, 2004)
  • In 2003 I made the first Plone presentations inside Serpro, the IT branch of the Brazilian Ministry of Finances and the most influential technology trend setter in our government. Shortly afterwards I was hired to deliver the first Plone, Zope and Python training sessions in Serpro, and participants of those sessions went on to lead the deployment of Plone in the main Serpro corporate portal, and the public portals and intranets of the Presidency of the Republic and several federal ministries.


Why you're interested

  • I'd like to help the Plone Foundation reach out to Plone users who can't afford to attend events in Europe or the US. Specifically, I'd like to see the PF help local user's groups get more visibility and become more organized and better funded, and then have PF co-sponsored and co-organized symposia and sprints at least twice a year in countries as far away as possible from that year's Plone Conference, anywhere where there is an acitve Plone or Python Users' Goup
  • I'd like to help Plone become even better for end-users, but much more approachable to developers and integrators, without whom initially succesful Plone deployments are not sustainable in the long term, as our experience in Brazil clearly demonstrates
  • After co-authoring the bylaws and incorporation papers and managing the Brazilian Python Association I discovered that I enjoy and am handy facilitating the activities of a community that I care about
  • I will learn a lot about running an organization to support a FLOSS community
  • As a long time Python and Plone evangelist, I'd like to help bridge the gap between the Plone and Python communities; in Brazil we created and use the PZP acronym to unite the Python, Zope and Plone communities
  • Alexander Limi told me I should run


What you think you can add to the Plone Foundation


  • As president of the Brazilian Python Association, I am interested in exploring synergies between the PF and a national community, to learn how to make the global perspective of the PF have local impact in more countries
  • I started my term as president of the Brazilian Python Association seeking to consolidate our yearly national meetings while fostering more frequent, local meetings and have succeeded in doing so; this is similar to what I think the PF should do to support Plone users and evangelists all over the world
  • I have been very enthusiastic about Plone, but since 2006 I've been looking hard into Ruby on Rails, Grok and Django to learn what we can do to become more attractive to new developers, both from marketing and technical perspectives
  • I've sold Zope-based CMS systems to large corporations, NGOs and the Brazilian goverment, so I am sensitive to the needs and expectations of institutions in a developing country
  • I've run my own Zope startup, and have collaborated with two leading Plone shops in Brazil
  • I speak and write in Portuguese better than in English; I can communicate with Spanish-speakers if they are interested in what I have to say


Most importantly, the name(s) of one or more PF members that "second" your nomination

    • Alexander Limi
    • Dorneles Tremea
    • Fabiano Weimar dos Santos