JoAnna Springsteen

Member Plone Documentation team and long time Plone enthusiast.

Who I am:

Technical Communications professional and general Plone enthusiast.

I have organized three documentation sprints: the doccom sprint at google in July 2007, the PSU doc sprint after the Plone Symposium East 2008, and the sprint after this year's Plone Conference in DC. The first two sprints were extremely successful and have produced major results. I have great hope for this year's sprint as well. 

I am a constant cheerleader of Plone. I am not a programmer and probably never will be. I do however encourage and help those who program in any way I can. I give feedback when asked and try to contribute in all non-code ways that I can.  I believe in Plone.


Why I'm  Interested and What I can add:

I want to be on the Board so that I can further serve the interests of Plone and because I don't code, I see this as yet another way that I can give back. I want to use my other strengths to help Plone in any way I can.  I feel I am strong in strategic planning, decision making, organization, and marketing skills. I feel like I represent our user and integrator population and can speak out for their interests, which we often forget.

I want to help the board set goals, continue to broaden the ways we promote Plone outside of the community, fundraise for the Foundation, and generally assist in any way I can.

I have served as a board member for the Central Iowa Chapter of the Society for Technical Communication for several years and have experience running and being a member of a non-profit board. 


Foundation Members that Second my Nomination:

Jules Allen, Veda Williams